Vin Brule' - Biso'


Around late November or early December each year, Christmas markets start to appear in piazzas all over Italy, selling handcrafted gifts and typical holiday foods and drinks such as vin brule' or, in the Emilia-Romagna region, Biso’, a hot spiced mulled wine made with Sangiovese, usually served in ceramic mugs. 

It's a mystery why a French name (literally meaning "burnt wine") is used in Italy since in France mulled wine is known as vin chaud ("hot wine").

But, whatever the story behind the name, Biso’ is a warming, aromatic drink that's lovely to sip on cold winter nights while sitting by the fire.  A fabulous experience. It's great to make a big potful of Biso’ and ladle mugful's of it out with the bonus of making your house smell wonderful and festive!

So, to make this little bit of Italy come true, right here in the King Valley, the 3BlackSHEDS is offering a Biso' special to all our winter guests who book a 3-night stay in any of the SHEDS.

In addition to the delights of the King Valley and the 3BlackSHEDS you get a bag of firewood for the wood heater, plus all the ingredients for this fabulous drink, that is a bottle of Sangiovese, the aromatics plus instructions for you to brew it right there on the wood stove in your room.

Book now to ensure you will be one of the very few who get to enjoy this unique offering.


1. Valid for bookings between June 1st to August 31st 2021
2. Minimum 3 nights booking
3. Direct or online bookings only
4. Included in your stay is a bag of firewood for the wood stove & a Biso' box. The ingredients for Biso' (value $95) and instructions. Bookings at the BIG shed receive 3 bottles of Sangiovese & Biso' ingredients ( value $220).