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McDonalds Ice Cream 30c Wednesdays!

If you book for a minimum of 3 nights and include WEDNESDAY as one of the nights, then Wednesday night will only cost you 30c. That's right - 30 Cents. 

McDonalds have put the iconic 30c ice cream cone up to $1.00 That's a HUGE increase. Well, in protest, 3BlackSHEDS have gone the other way, we are offering a Wednesday night that used to cost $190.00 for Shed ONE & TWO or $445.00 for the BIG Shed, for just 30c each
That's a humongous SAVING!


This is for any new booking made directly on this website during the months of December and January and valid for a visit anytime during the next 2 years. So lock in todays prices and have your ice cream too!

If you can't find your preferred dates or just want some help with the booking then please call us on
0448 663 265

If you would like to see future SHED availability,  you can also click on this link

Booking Calendar


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