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Paws & Prosecco

Experience King Valley Together!

At 3BlackSHEDS, we understand that pets are cherished members of the family. That's why our doors are open wide to welcome your furry friends. Our pet-friendly ethos means that not only are pets accommodated, but they are embraced with open arms. 

King Valley is renowned for its sprawling vineyards and world-class wineries and many of the wineries in the area warmly invite leashed pets, allowing you to indulge in wine tastings while your furry companions revel in the serene surroundings.

Adventure Awaits, Tail Wags Included

Beyond the vineyards, King Valley offers an array of outdoor activities perfect for you and your pets. Set off on picturesque walks, explore pet-friendly trails, or relish a tranquil picnic by the river—all while creating enduring memories with your cherished companions.

Serenity For All

Come and discover the enchantment of King Valley's wine region with your pets by your side. At 3BlackSHEDS, we invite you to forge lasting memories in a place where vineyards harmonise with wagging tails. Plan your escape today and let the wines flow as freely as the joy shared between you and your pets in this idyllic paradise!

Dogs in the King Valley
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